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Sunday, 20 June 2010


1. Carrot Cake & Wine (Live) - Stereophonics

The only place to find the official audio of this, a live version of the track which originally appeared on the A Thousand Trees single. You can view the performance on the video/DVD Cwmaman Feel The Noize.

2. Kalifornia (Simon's Edit) - Fatboy Slim

Simon being presumably engineer and mixer Simon Thornton, this is an exclusive edit of the 'You've Come A Long Way Baby' album track, chopping off about a minute and a half.

3. Lipstick - Rocket From The Crypt

RFTC went from cult concern to Top 20 chart stars with the infectious On A Rope. Despite releasing the follow up When In Rome (Do The Jerk) as a limited edition picture disc to prove they hadn't fully sold out, they attempted the big time yet again with this pop punk blast. However, the single stalled at #64 and they became cult figures once again. This is an exclusive BBC session recorded for Radio 1's Evening Session on 16th August 1998.

4. Get A Real Tattoo - Six By Seven

Typically sprawling but magnificent 7 minute opus from Nottingham's criminally under-rated space rock group Six By Seven. The fact that this was merely a B side to their For You single shows how good their debut The Things We Make was, and is.

5. Root Cage - Tiger

Tiger's mullets and fuzzy indie sound were strange sight in 1996 but they secured an early following with John Peel and the music press with their debut single Shining In The Wood. Such was the love for them, their second EP Race even made the Top 40. But as soon as they came, they went, their album We Are Puppets thought by the majority as a disappointment. This was taken from their much delayed second album Rosaria which was finally released long after this compilation in May 1999. The band folded soon after.

6. Pull Yourself Together (Didjeridu Mix) - Hefner

A far cry from the Playboy Mansion, Hefner were a indie folk band from East London championed by John Peel. Never a friend of the charts, Pull Yourself Together was one of the band's more well known singles. This remix did the rounds on free CDs - this and another in Germany - and was finally released on Hefner product on their Best Of in 2006.

7. Hush The Warmth - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Where fellow countrymen Super Furry Animals became arguably, not just Wales', but the UK's most successful cult band of the 90s and beyond, Gorky's could never escape the trappings of cultdom. But, my God they tried. Seemingly, all their singles hovered around the 41-75 mark without breaking the magic #40 barrier. This is from their album Gorky 5, a #67 smash.

8. Kimberly - Clinic

This was taken from Clinic's single Cement Mixer and later appeared on their self titled rarities compilation before they signed to Mercury and sold about 58 more records...

9. Guacamole - Super Furry Animals

This uptempo blast of a tune was featured on SFA's B side compilation Out Spaced having appeared as an extra track on the If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You single. Not only is it ridiculous that songs of such quality festered as B sides but this was a last minute replacement for The Man Don't Give A Fuck when the infamous Steely Dan sample initilly failed clearance. Madness.

10. Spanner In The Works - Terrorvision

From the album Shaving Peaches which was a huge disappointment sales-wise for the Bradford rockers. They were down and out but were given a temporary and unexpected reprieve by the Mint Royale remix madness that was Tequila. When such an unstoppable juggernaut of a hit couldn't save the album, the writing was on the wall....

11. Harsh Shark - Campag Velocet

We heard from this lot earlier...this was recorded Live At Reading in 98. I actually saw this performance live - which isn't very interesting but probably the most interesting thing about it. The original turned up on the Bon Chic Bon Genre album a year later.

12. I Don't Know What To Say - Mogwai

Completely then-exclusive studio track from post rock masters Mogwai, a big deal at the time. This eventually reappeared on the 2008 reissue of their Young Team album

13. Are Friends Electrik (NME Edit) - Plastikman

Originally a twelve and a half minute techno track on the album Artefakts, and with no edit already existing, NME saw fit to edit it themselves to 7 and a half minutes. Odd, but exclusive and now rare. Nothing to do with Gary Numan, by the way.

14. Circles, Squares And Lines - Symposium

Everybody was on Symposium's side when they appeared in 1996 with a succession of pop punk indie hits. When they beefed up their sound and started to get serious, no-one seemed to care anymore. This is taken from their first album proper On The Outside. Funnily enough, it's their opening mini album One Day At A Time that contains the hits.

15. Be Myself - 3 Colours Red

Alan McGee said that 3 Colours Red were the most exciting band since the Sex Pistols. Anyone who might want to trace the downfall of Creation Records might want to start right there. This was an exclusive trailer for a track which ended up on their 1999 album Revolt.

16. Olympian - Gene

Forever compared to The Smiths, Gene's lush sound wasn't typical of the Britpop crowd of the mid to late 90s. They eventually burnt out and this, the title track of their debut album, remained their signature tune as its appearance here 3 years after its initial release testifies. This is an exclusive version recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall.

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