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Thursday, 3 June 2010


1. Hammering In My Head - Garbage

Taken from their No. 1 second album 'Version 2.0'

2. A Life Less Ordinary (Tim Simenon Mix) - Ash

Rare and then-exclusive remix of Ash's Top 10 hit and theme song to Danny Boyle's film of the same name. This eventually got released by Ash on the deluxe edition of their first album proper '1977'.

3. Hey, Johnny Park - Foo Fighters

Track from second album 'The Colour & The Shape'

4. Commuter Love - The Divine Comedy

From the album 'Fin De Siecle'

5. Run Me Over - Kenickie

Kenickie's debut 'At The Club' promised big things for these indie-pop-punk Mackems. However, their second album 'Get In' , containing this track, spent one week in the Top 40 before falling off the radar completely. They soon disbanded, singer Lauren Laverne becoming a successful music presenter and 6 Music institution.

6. Cheapskate - Supergrass

From the recently departed Supergrass' superlative second album 'In It For The Money'. This was actually released as a promo single in the USA complete with video, oddly airbrushed from history after being omitted from their video compilation Supergrass Is 10.

7. Five In The Morning - A

From Leeds' alt-rock band's first album 'How Ace Are Buildings'. This was first released as their debut 7" in 1996.

8. Jessica - Llama Farmers

B-side to briefly touted Greenwich four-piece's debut single 'Always Echoes' on Fierce Panda. It also turned up on their debut album 'Dead Letter Chorus' in 1999.

9. Download (Llwybr Llaethog Mix) - Super Furry Animals

Still the main incentive to own this CD. This is a completely exclusive remix of the 'Radiator' track which has not been released anywhere else to this day. Welsh experimental electronic duo Llwybr Llaethog (Welsh for Milky Way) also remixed SFA's 'The Undefeated' on their remix album 'Phantom Phorce' in 2004.

10. Drencrom (Velocet Synthemesc) - Campag Velocet

Debut release on Fierce Panda's spin-off label Rabid Badger in 1997 and re-released as a split single with Regular Fries a year later, Drencrom...fused lo-fi baggy beats with Clockwork Orange Nadsat speak to critical acclaim but, ultimately, commercial obscurity. This was also available on their debut album 'Bon Chic Bon Genre'.

11. She Left Me On Friday - Shed Seven

One of the most successful Indie groups of the 90s, Shed Seven scored fifteen Top 40 singles. Despite this hitting no. 11 on release as the lead single from third long player 'Let It Ride', the album undersold and marked the beginning of the band's slide.

12. Medication - Spiritualized

8 and a half minute masterpiece from J Spaceman's 1995 album 'Pure Phase'. Included here most likely as a taster of the band's pre Ladies And Gentlemen... material for new converts.

13. Jayou (Clean Version) - Jurassic 5

Jayou is taken from the American alternative hip-hop crew's eponymous debut album. This clean edit was included on the single release.

14. The End - Symposium

London pop-punk band Symposium scored three Top 40 hits during their brief stay in the indie limelight. By the time their second album 'On The Outside' had been released, which included this track, sales were already on the wane and they soon split.

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