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Sunday, 30 May 2010


1. Ashamed - Muse

Early B-side from Devon's soon to be huge prog-rock behemoths' Top 30 single 'Sunburn'. The track has historic status as one of the eleven tracks on Muse's original demo cassette, albeit in rough demo form.

2. Valley - Doves

Another early B-side, this one from Doves' Top 40 hit Catch The Sun. This has showed up since on their 2003 B Side compilation 'Lost Sides'.

3. Supersonic Waves (Coke N Smoke) (Syntax Vox Mix) - Regular Fries Feat Kool Keith

Just known as Coke N Smoke on the album 'War On Plastic Plants', the slight alteration of the title to Supersonic Waves (Coke N Smoke) was presumably to avoid any controversy. They needn't have bothered - much like all this underrated psych-space rock band's releases, this single was ignored by the public despite featuring legendary Ultramagnetic MCs rapper Kool Keith and a remix from Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield. This remix, by Syntax, is exclusive to this CD and remains so to this day.

4. Get Enuff (Radio Edit) - Wookie

A preview of rising garage star's follow up single to the Top 10 hit 'Battle'. The single, and self-titled album, failed to crack the Top 75 resulting in Wookie retreating back to the underground.

5. Open The Airwaves - Lowgold

A preview of Indie next-big-things' album Just Backward Of Square. Despite Top 40 success for the album, the St Albans band soon faded into obscurity although have managed to release three more albums.

6. Delinquency - V-Twin

Preview of this single and the album Free The Twin. This leftfield big-beat is notable for it's Jagz Kooner production.

7. Poke 'Er 'Ole - Add N To [X]

Preview of Mute post-rock electronic signings' fourth album 'Add Insult To Injury'

8. Song 1 - David Holmes

Not just an exclusive - a "World Exclusive" for Select according to the sleeve notes. It's worth the boast; DJ Holmes' Bow Down To The Exit Sign was one of the critical successes of 2000 and, when he's not raking in the royalties from his numerous film soundtracks, arguably the peak of his career, so this was a coup. It's an out-take from the Bow Down sessions and remains unreleased anuwhere else to this day.

9. We Dug A Hole - Kathryn Williams

A straight lift from Williams' Mercury Music prize nominated alt-folk album Little Black Numbers.

10. Oxygen (Original Demo Version) - JJ72

Briefly the band most-likely-to, JJ72 scored 3 Top 40 hits from their Gold eponymous debut, including this, their most well known track. This demo is exclusive to this release.

11. Mark David Chapman - ...And You Wil Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

Intense art-rock from Texas. This is taken from the previous year's 'Madonna' album and predates the universal critical acclaim that was to come with the 'Sources, Tags & Codes' album a year later.

12. Ubik (The Breakz) (Original Mix) - Timo Maas

Ubik was released on the Perfecto label shortly after Maas' remix of Azzido Da Bass' 'Dooms' Night' propelled him to mainstream success. This version was released on the single.

13. Club News - Chris Morris' Blue Jam

Post-The Day Today and Brass Eye, Blue Jam was Chris Morris' dark and uncompromising radio sketch series. Although only broadcast in the early hours on Radio 1, it gained a huge cult following and a compilation of sketches was picked up for album release by Warp Records. An equally surreal TV series, Jam, followed.

14. Da Virus (Latin 2-Step Mix) - Stanton Warriors

Remix of then-current 12" single from now internationally renowned breakbeat duo.

15. Eyeless - Slipknot

Slipknot's iconic debut was released in the summer of 1999; the fact that tracks from the album were still being issued on these CDs over a year later shows how ubiquitious they were on the nu-metal and alternative scene.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


1. Natural Blues (Mike D Remix) - Moby

Beastie Boy's remix of Moby's Top 20 hit from the Play album. This full length version hadn't been commercially released in the UK, though an edited version appeared on the Natural Blues CD single.

2. Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon - Super Furry Animals

From the best selling Welsh languge album ever, Mwng, this, one of the album's highights was released on this CD before the album release. The title translates as 'Joining The Periphery'.

3. T-Spot - Bentley Rhythm Ace

BRA's second album For Your Ears Only was ignored on release and more or less signalled the end of the big beat duo. This track was, again, released on the CD before the album. It turned up later on a Nik-Naks advert which probably earned them more royalties than the album itself...

4. Swastika Eyes (David Holmes Mix) - Primal Scream

Awesome Holmes remix of prime Scream Team from the classic XTRMNTR. Inexplicably only released on 12" promo, this is still the only official place to find this remix.

5. Everybody's Stalking (Demo Version) - Badly Drawn Boy

Another coup for Select. Back when BDB was the ultimate name-drop artist after a slew of EP releases, this rough cut preceded the album version on his Mercury Music Prize winning debut The Hour Of Bewilderbeast. It's still only available here.

6. The Sound Of Fear - Eels

Taken from E's third, Daisies Of The Galaxy.

7. Second Foot Stomp - Clinic

Another album trailer, this one preceding Clinic's debut Internal Wrangler.

8. Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) - Handsome Boy Modeling School

A collaboration between De La Soul producer Prince Paul and Dan The Automator, this was lifted from the album So...How's Your Girl?

9. A Tribute To - The For Carnation

Post-rock from former Slint member Brian McMahan. This is taken from 2000's self titled second album.

10. The Distance From Her To There - Lambchop

A straight lift from the critics' favourite, 'Nixon'.

11. New Paths To Helicon (Part 1) - Mogwai

Rare Radio 1 Evening Session version of Mogwai's 1997 single recorded on March 10th 1999. Formerly exclusive to this release, it has since appeared on the BBC Sessions compilation Government Commissions.

12. Happiness - Elliott Smith

Another preview track - this time for Smith's album Figure 8.

But that's not all: this one is also a CD rom and contains the videos to Stereophonics' Hurry Up And Wait and Slipknot's Spit It Out UNCENSORED!! Woooh! NEXT.....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


1. Open Letter (To A Landlord) (Live) - Living Colour

Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on July 6 1988. The studio version was released on their debut album Vivid and was released as a single in its own right in 1989.

2. Sweet Water Pools - Screaming Blue Messiahs

High octane rock band best known for their 1988 Top 40 hit I Want To Be A Flintstone. This cut is taken from their second album proper, Bikini Red.

3. Revolution Calling - Queensryche

The fact that Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime was devised as a rock opera concept album probably explains why the sleeve notes indicate this is "An Exclusive Excerpt from the LP". Pretentious possibly, but the album went on to be regarded by many as one of the greatest metal albums of all time.

4. Too Scared To Scream - Voivod

Now counting ex Metallica bassist Jason Newsted in their ranks, thrash metal band Voivod originally formed in 1982 and have a dozen albums to their name. This track is taken from their 1987 album Killing Technology. Honorary mention goes to their 1986 album Rrroooaaarrr which includes the tracks Korgull The Exterminator, Slaughter In A Grave, Ripping Headaches and Fuck Off And Die. Nice!

SOUNDS: WAVES 2 (1988)

"All tracks exclusive to Sounds"

1. Nine Million Rainy Days (Live) - The Jesus & Mary Chain

Originally from their classic second album Darklands, this is was recorded live in Detroit and still remains exclusive to this release.

2. I Am Roadkill (Live) - Head Of David

Live industrial rock and a track which appeared on their album Dustbowl in its studio form. The band consisted of Justin Broadrick, ex-Napalm Death and Stephen R Burroughs. The composer credited as writing this? Rockatansky V Schwarzenegger. Awesome!

3. New Improved Song - Faith No More

Actually, now an old song which has been improved on. This is an early version of The Morning After from the classic The Real Thing and, as it was recorded for the Introduce Yourself album, features original FNM singer Chuck Moseley instead of Mike Patton. Over twenty years later, this was made available once more on 2009 compilation The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits.

4. It's So Hard - The Godfathers

This then exclusive track from these neglected Alt Rockers eventually surfaced onto their Birth, School, Work, Death album.


"All tracks exclusive to Sounds"

1. The Car's Outside - Head!

Pre exclamation mark and pre release of Head!'s sole album Tales Of Ordinary Madness. This was also issued as a single.

2. Moving In With - Happy Mondays

Making this release a true collector's item, this isn't the version on the Mondays' classic second album Bummed. The producer here isn't Martin Hannett either; it's first album engineer Dave Young. Sparser than the album version, it's most likely a demo.

3. Everything You Touch Turns To Time - The Triffids

Then exclusive track from David McComb fronted Aussies. This ended up used as an extra track on the CD and 12" single for their Top 75 hit Trick Of The Light.

4. Ice The Levant (Version) - Stump

New version of an 1986 EP track from these short-lived Indie jokers. This alternate cut was recorded in March 1987.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


"All tracks exclusive to Sounds"

1. Route To Love - The Band Of Holy Joy

Exclusive at the time, but this one turned up on their 1989 album Manic, Magic. Majestic

2. Rosewood Sky - The Soup Dragons

Genuinely exclusive and, I think, still unofficially released anywhere else. Their Hang-Ten! album had been released in 1987 so maybe this was a cast-off?

3. Nothing Left (First Version) - The Primitives

Early version of a track that finished up on the 'Lovely' album. This has been re-released on their Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Complete Lazy Recordings compilation.

4. What You Have Is Enough - Voice Of The Beehive

Another early version - maybe a demo - of a track that ended up on their Let It Bee album.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hard Rain - Bronski Beat

Ivo (New Version) - Cocteau Twins

What She Said (Live) - The Smiths
Wire (Dub Mix)- U2




This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Super 8 Mix) - Big Audio Dynamite

V2 - That Petrol Emotion
World By Storm - The Three Johns