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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


1. The Motorcade Sped On - Steinski & Mass Media featuring D.J.E.T.

Steinski, along with Double Dee, was a hugely influential hip-hop artist specialising in collages and samples providing a template for the likes of DJ Shadow and Coldcut. The Motorcade Sped On was released as a promotional 12" in 1986  and featured snippets of newscasts about the assassination of JFK over the beats from The Rolling Stones' Honky Tonk Women. The clanging first chord is also a direct steal from The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. It's steals like this that has meant Double Dee & Steinski's work rarely gets a re-release making this EP a huge rarity.

2. White Kross (Live In Tallahassee, Florida) - Sonic Youth

Billed as an unreleased track, this is a live version of what was to become one of Sonic Youth's most well known tracks which first appeared proper on their classic 1987 album, 'Sister', their fourth, which saw them make their first inroads into mainstream - at a push. This is the song's first appearance and the only place you'll find this short, sharp live version.

3. When You're Hot You're Hot (NME Version) - Sly & Robbie - The Taxi Connection

Recorded live in London, this completes a trilogy of exclusive tracks on this 7" EP from one of dub reggae's most pioneering, prolific and influential musicians and producers. This track originally  featured on The Taxi Connection, an Island-released live album featuring turns by Sly & Robbie, Yellowman, Half Pint and Ini Kamoze at London's Town & Country Club. Most likely an edit of the version featured on that album, this NME Version is still unique to this release.

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  1. There was a Steinski Retrospective 1986 - 2006 released a couple of years ago that has this track and the other notable ones on it. Well worth picking up.