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Monday, 28 February 2011


1. Sub-Culture (Exclusive Remix) - New Order

A collector's item for fans of one of the most collectable bands of their time. This is genuinely an exclusive remix which has never been officially released since. Sub-Culture began its life on New Order's classic 1985 album 'Low Life'. In 1986, the track was remixed by John Robie and released as a single. However, the mix was badly received and the single became a rare critical and commercial failure for the band, only hitting #63 in the UK chart. Factory graphic designer Peter Saville objected to the release of the remix of Sub-Culture to such an extent he refused to design a sleeve explaining why the single was only distributed in a plain black sleeve. As tends to be the norm with New Order releases, there has always been confusion over the source of this remix. The label credits Robie as being on remix duty again but it actually seems to be an edit of the first of several Razormaid remixes of the track. Razormaid being one of the largest DJ subscription remix services in the world, this became one of the very rare instances when such a remix was released outside the confines of their stringent subscription service. Despite being regarded as superior to the official Robie mixes, this EP is still the only legit place to find this.

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2. Jennifer Wants - Raymonde

Despite a huge Smiths connection - Raymonde frequently supported them and lead singer James Maker used to be their back up singer and dancer - the band only released on overlooked album in 1987, Babelogue. Although Raymonde never lived up to RM's billing of them as one of the year's most exciting newcomers, Maker made a few quid out of his old mate nearly two decades on in 2004 when Morrissey not only covered Raymonde track No One Can Hold A Candle To You as a B side and live, but included the original version on his own compilation, the NME FreeEP 'Songs To Save Your Life' in 2004.  Back to Jennifer Wants, this track is absolutely exclusive to this EP so a must for all Morrissey fans.

3. Bad Thing Longing - Hipsway

In between featuring in two hugely successful bands - Altered Images and Texas - guitarist Johnny Mcelhone formed Hipsway in 1984. The band's eponymous debut album just missed out on a Top 40 place but single The Honeythief hit #17 in 1986. This track, at the time of this EP's release an exclusive preview, was featured on their debut. Despite this early promise, the band folded in 1989.

4. Walk Away Renee - The Adventures

The Adventures were an Irish folk rock band who briefly threatened to become one of the UK's biggest bands. Backed by eventual Spice Girls guru Simon Fuller, he ensured The Adventures achieved plenty of airplay and music press attention. Despite a Top 20 hit in 1988 with Broken Land, it never really happened and The Adventures became one of the country's best kept secrets instead. This faithful cover of The Left Banke's Walk Away Renee, made famous by The Four Tops, was specially recorded for Record Mirror and remains exclusive to this release. Arguably, as the band had already released their album Theodore & Friends and its singles to little success, this was most likely an attempt by Fuller to keep them in the public eye in the absence of any new material.

*Thanks to Eric Generic for sending me this FreeEP*


  1. Could you please upload the New Order track.

  2. Happy to...though you can get it on this awesome blog

  3. Cheers for the cover art upload - burnt this off vinyl years ago but only just found - the Adventures cover remains wonderful to this day n spot on re the subculture remix :) Dave