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Thursday, 15 July 2010


All tracks exclusive to SOUNDS....

1. Down - Crazyhead

Being a garage rock band from the Midlands, it was inevitable that this lot would become associated with the Grebo scene alongside Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned's Atomic Dustbin et al, and so they were. Never hitting the heights of their peers, Crazyhead, who were signed to Food at Grebo's height, soldiered on for a decade before splitting in 2000. This track turned up as a B side to their biggest hit, Time Has Taken Its Toll On You, a #65 smash.

2. Grebo Guru - Pop Will Eat Itself

Talking of all things Grebo, this is the scene's quintessential band with their Grebo anthem. This track didn't stay exclusive for long, appearing on PWEI's debut Box Frenzy. The band maintained their cult following with a string of Top 40 hits until their split in 1996. Their 2001 anthology took its name from this very track - Gurus Of Grebo. They reformed in 2005.

3. The Myth Of Love (Vocal/Live Version) - Georgia Satellites

Georgia Satellites hit #2 in the US with Keep Your Hands To Yourself and scored a number of minor hits over here in the UK in the late 80s including a cover version of Hippy Hippy Shake from the movie Cocktail. This is an exclusive live take of a track from their eponymous debut.

4. Vegas Throat Stomp - The Jack Rubies

Well hyped but ultimately unsuccessful jangle pop/garage rock band formed in London. This, under the abbreviated name Vegas Throat, appeared on their 1988 album Fascinatin' Vacation.

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  1. The Pop Will Eat Itself track was exclusive to his EP - it's a demo of what appeared on the later album, and only re-surfaced in 2011 on the Cherry Red re-issue of Box Frenzy.