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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Note: As is pretty obvious, all these tracks were all performed live at Glastonbury. The year of the performance is shown for each track.

1. Caught By The Fuzz - Supergrass (1995)

This captures Supergrass in their initial punk pop pomp on the verge of big things. Already regarded as one of the country's brightest new bands, debut album I Should Coco had recently charted at #3 and spawned three hits, including this, Gaz's account of being arrested for marijuana possession as teenager, which peaked just outside the Top 40. Fresh from this performance, Supergrass decided to release the album's fourth single proper, a AA side pairing two album tracks together, the laid back, bluesy Time and some song you may have heard called Alright. The single got to #2 and pushed the album to #1 and half a million sales in the UK.

2. Rock N Roll Star - Oasis (1995)

The fastest selling debut single of all time, 6 classic singles including one #1, Glastonbury headliners and critical idolisation. It couldn't get any bigger than this....could it?

3. The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene (1997)

After a shaky start with their baggy flavoured debut in 1992, OCS' second album, the R&B/soul tinged Moseley Shoals helped soundtracked the mid 90s, this being their biggest hit peaking at #4 in 1996. This performance sees them gearing up for the release of their third album Marchin' Already in September '97.

4. Allotment - Reef (1996)

The inclusion of Naked on a high profile MiniDisc advert helped boost Reef's profile in 94/95 resulting in first album Replenish hitting the Top 20. Not many expected much more, but Reef re-emerged in 1996 with Place Your Hands, an old fashioned hands-in-the-air rock anthem which hit #6 paving their way to a #1 album with Glow. This performance paves the way for their resurgence, which came a few months later, this track missing out on the album and finding its way as a B Side to their single Consideration.

5. Alright - Cast (1997)

For a band who were never quite taken seriously by anybody they sold a lot of records - debut album All Change became Polydor's fastest selling debut album ever. 1997 saw the release of second album Mother Nature Calls, the title of which pretty much sums up Cast - an attempt to sound cosmic and at one with the universe, it just sounds like John Power needs a wee.

6. Eternal Life - Jeff Buckley (1995)

An epic and dramatic performance from the late Jeff Buckley, and one which not only raised the profile of Buckley but also switched more people on to his debut album Grace which was fast becoming a modern classic. Buckley's death in 1997 raised both performer and album to iconic status.

7. Just Like Heaven - The Cure (1990)

Already a classic in 1990, this was taken from their Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me album in 1987. Step forward please the comedian in the CD writing department. Add this track to your iTunes and you'll find the composer is listed as......."A pantomime dame and some other wankers". Lol Tolhurst was that you?

8. Sorted For Es & Wizz - Pulp (1998)

After a triumphant performance in 1995 when they became last minute replacements for The Stone Roses, Pulp returned in 1998 in a much darker place. Not only was just-released album This Is Hardcore a dark and challenging work but Jarvis Cocker's exclamation of "put me in a field...I'm gonna need some drugs" at the end of this track proves it wasn't much fun to be in Pulp in 1998.

9. Gravity Grave - The Verve (1993)

Pre 'The' and pre-Urban Hymns ubiquity, Verve were more indebted to shoegazing and space rock than Oasis. This is Verve and Mad Richard's most defining 9 minutes, the climax of Aschroft screaming wildly to the stage control staff "WE GOT ONE MORE MINUTE!" ONE MORE MINUTE" over a sea of bass and psychedelia is mesmeric. You can also get this version on their 1994 B Sides compilation No Come Down.

10. Chime - Orbital (1994)

Orbital's visually and sonically stunning performances helped a new breed of electronic bands - Underworld, Leftfield, The Prodigy amogst others - to be taken seriously as live acts. Their Glasto 94 performance has gone into legend as one of the best ever dance/techno - call it what you want - gigs. Chime was first released in 1990 and hit #17.


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