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Thursday, 5 May 2011


1. Lucifer Over Lancashire (Alternative Version) - The Fall

First appearance on TheFreeEPs for the mighty Fall. Lucifer Over Lancashire was released as the B side to Mr Pharmacist - a single which marked The Fall's first bona fide hit in the national singles chart - just - at #75. This exclusive alternative version is still a rarity though it was officially released on the Cog Sinister release Backdrop. Like the original version it was recorded as part of  the sessions for the Bend Sinister album.

2. High Priest Of Love (Demo)- Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction

As editor of Flexipop magazine, Mark Manning had all the industry nous and contacts to make an instant splash in the music press with his debauched alter ego Zodiac Mindwarp. The instant music press coverage saw his first EP hit #9 in the indie chart. The follow-up EP, the title track being High Priest Of Love, went straight to the top.  A year later, Prime Mover became his first national Top 40 hit. However, the biker rock shtick soon wore off with the public and Mindwarp's debut album failed to sell well barely scraping the Top 20. The band continue to this day as a cult concern, Mark Manning also finding notoriety as an author. This demo is exclusive to this 7".

3. South Africa - Hollywood Beyond

What's The Colour Of Money? asked Mark Rogers in 1986 taking the song of that name to the Top 10 in the process. Rogers never really got to find out the answer to his question as a second single and album, If, despite co-production by Bernard Edwards, fell short. South Africa is an exclusive song to this release.

4. Orange Appled - Cocteau Twins

A then-exclusive track for the UK, Orange Appled appeared on the US edition of the Love's Easy Tears EP but was omitted from the UK release. Orange Appled has since become a fan favourite and has appeared on an array of compilations including 4AD's best of Cocteau collection Stars & Topsoil.

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