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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"Motorcycle Loveliness" according to the spine. Oh dear.

1. Get Out Of Cities - Blur

Side 2 of Blur's #2 hit, Song 2. Not 2 shabby.

2. Ain't No Longer (The Lost Riff) - Dodgy

A remix by Jerome Di Pietro of Free Peace Sweet album track 'Ain't No Longer Asking'. Interestingly, the sleeve notes here state that this remix is from the forthcoming album 'FPS-2'. More well known for their 60s inflected power-pop and a comedy drummer, Dodgy always embraced the dance scene and remix culture, and as the title suggests, FPS-2 was the entire Free Peace Sweet album remixed by Di Pietro. The album was never released until after the band's original split and was then packaged as a bonus CD with greatest hits package Ace As & Killer Bs.

3. Behind The Clouds - Mantaray

A track from second album The Reds And The Blues from long forgotten Britpop/New Mod band who split up after a Bluetones support slot soon after the release of the album.

4. The Third Decade, Our Move - DJ Shadow

Hugely rare track, part of the Entropy suite, dating back to 1993 and taken from a split 12" single on the Solesides label with Asia Minor and DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers, a good three years before the seminal Endtroducing. This is hip-hop's past, present and future encapsulated in 4 minutes. For a growing list of which tracks Entropy has sampled and who has in turn sampled Entropy click here: http://www.whosampled.com/search/samples/?q=entropy

5. Faces In A Dream - Hurricane #1

Post Ride, Andy Bell formed Hurricane #1. The post-Britpop trad-rockers were never really taken seriously as contenders and fell apart spectacularly after they allowed The Sun to use their biggest hit Only The Strongest Will Survive as a backdrop to their massive TV campaign. Their reputation in tatters, Bell went on to further humiliation when he joined Gay Dad as guitarist. His fortunes took a turn for the better when the Gallaghers soon came calling.

6. Millionaire Sweeper - Kenickie

Sunderland's finest introducing us to one Lauren Laverne. This blast of punk pop was released as a single in 1996 hitting #60. By the time their debut album At The Club was released less than a year later Lauren, along with Marie Du Santiago, Emmy Kate Montrose and, er, Johnny X, had become a pin up and they were in the Top 10. Pity it didn't last.... but Laverne's ubiquitous TV and radio career wasn't far away....

7. Six Million Dollar Goat - Toaster

Toaster were an experimental indie rock band from Scotland who sound a bit like a rubbish version of Mansun. They never got round to releasing anything until 2001 when they put out their sole album Signs And Wonder containing a new version of Six Million Dollar Goat.

8. Why Is A Frog Too? - Bentley Rhythm Ace

Always a favourite of late 90s free CD compilers, this is from BRA's eponymous debut.

9. Filmstar (Original Demo) - Suede

Filmstar was the 5th consecutive Top 10 hit from Suede's triumphant first post-Butler album Coming Up. Despite being 30 seconds longer than the original, and obviously lacking in production, this demo doesn't differ too much from the original but it's still exclusive to this CD so it's a must for Suede completists.

10. I Don't Think So - The Supernaturals

Indie also-rans best known for the nauseating 'Smile' which appeared on their Top 10 debut 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' - as does this.

11. Cottonwool (Fila Brazilia Mix) - Lamb

A hidden remix on some copies of Manchester trip-hop duo's eponymous debut album.

12. Electricity - Spiritualized

Pretty much putting everything else here in the shade, this was a then exclusive preview of Spiritualized's all conquering Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space magnum opus. Electricity's garage rock was untypical of the album itself, a neo-psychedelic, space rock, ambient masterpiece, but was also served as the first single from the album hitting #32. The album itself even beat Radiohead's OK Computer to the Best Of '97 in various critics' polls.

13. Help Me (Quattro Edit) - The Candyskins

Oxford rock band whose third album Sunday Morning Fever rode on Britpop's coat-tails in 1997. They had one Top 40 hit, Monday Morning, before splitting a year later. This is an exclusive edit of a track from that album.

14. Looks Like Chaplin - Stereophonics

This is one of a batch of singles released by Stereophonics prior to the release of their debut album Word Gets Around in August 1997. The album, thanks to student friendly anthems such as Traffic, A Thousand Trees and Local Boy In The Photograph, went platinum and the band had another decade of hits.

15. Polydistortion - GusGus

Cult Icelandic electronic collective GusGus released seven albums in their decade long career. This is actually an edit of Polyesterday from their debut album.

16. Blood Chant - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Welsh psych-rockers Gorky's were the 90s most unlucky band hitting the Top 75 8 times, missing the big 40 each time. This is taken from their 1995 album Bwyd Time, which was their last release on the Ankst label before the majors and, well, kinda success, beckoned.

17. Bad Haircut - Silver Sun

Originally called ...Sun! before they were forced to change their name, Silver Sun were one of many hyped to death post-Britpop bands who died a death after a couple of moderately successful singles and album. The eponymous debut, containing this, hit #30.

18. Celebration On - Santa Cruz

Bristol band who released one album Way Out before fading away completely. Despite the sleeve notes declaring this to be on that album, it ended up as a B-side to their single Heaven Only Knows with an extra apostrophe and s on Celebration.


  1. Great site. Loved the mid-90s giveaways! Steered here by Record Collector magazine. Can you please make the music downloadable? As mentioned in the RC article, it was for marketing so I don't see an issue. Also, many of these items are on tape and even the ones I do find on eBay, I don't have access to a tape player anymore : (

  2. Cheers for the comments!

    I hope to make more downloads available at some point in the future.

  3. I know this post was ages ago now, but I think I might have been the only person to notice that the version of 'I Don't Think So' by the Supernaturals on this wasn't the same as the album version. No mention of that on the disc or in the magazine though, so I always wondered if it was a mistake in the tape library rather than a deliberate exclusive.